Driving Wireless Connectivity for Industrial IoT

By Mazen Chmaytelli, President of the MulteFire Alliance and is Senior Director of Business Development for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

We have entered a new era for manufacturing, automation and technology advancement. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is paving the way for the next Industrial Revolution, but there is still work to be done to connect smart devices and have them communicate in an efficient manner. The current state of machinery and networks is struggling to keep up with the deployment, integration and operational demands in industries like shipping ports, warehouses, hospitals, mines, and airports. If these challenges are not overcome, future automation and smart device manufacturing will undoubtedly falter.

As large enterprises evaluate connectivity options for their IoT deployments, it’s important to keep mobility and security in mind. Private LTE networks such as MulteFire fulfill both these needs, while operating solely in unlicensed or shared spectrum. This is an ideal network solution for industries concerned with the scope and scale of their sensor-based, IoT devices. MulteFire simplifies private LTE deployments by offering spectrum sharing and coexistence, making it a prominent player in IoT network infrastructure.

The MulteFire Alliance and the CBRS Alliance recently commissioned a white paper by Harbor Research, The Private LTE Opportunity for Industrial and Commercial IoT, that highlights the benefits for leveraging shared and unlicensed spectrum to deploy highly reliable and secure private LTE networks. I, along with Alex Glaser, Director of Development, Harbor Research, had the opportunity to share the findings from the paper during an RCR Wireless webinar, where we also discussed how private LTE networks based on MulteFire can deliver enhanced coverage, capacity, reliability and mobility for business-critical markets. You can download the archived webinar here.

Following this successful webinar, Alex and I presented Delivering MulteFire Connectivity for Industrial IoT” at the IoT Evolution Expo in Las Vegas. There, we covered how MulteFire enables IoT networks, and answered attendee questions on MulteFire technology and the MulteFire Release 1.1 specification roadmap.

Keep up with our blog to learn more about the upcoming Release 1.1, which will add further IoT optimizations, creating new opportunities for Industrial IoT.

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