MulteFire 1.0 Regulatory Analysis White Paper Now Available to MFA Members

By Scott Fischel, MFA Certification Working Group Chair and Director of Technical Standards, Qualcomm

 As a complement to the MulteFire 1.0 Certification Program, the MulteFire Alliance (MFA) is now offering the MulteFire 1.0 Regulatory Analysis White Paper to members. This white paper helps to identify existing radio regulatory requirements for unlicensed devices that may fit with MulteFire 1.0 eNodeB and User Equipment (UE) products.

Vendors beginning the process of developing MulteFire 1.0 products can utilize the white paper to learn about the applicable radio standards and test methods in accordance with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, Innovation, Science and Economic Development (ISED) in Canada and the Radio Equipment Directive (RED) in Europe.

The MulteFire 1.0 Regulatory Analysis White Paper includes an overview on MulteFire Specification Release 1.0, regulatory requirements, test procedures and supporting annexes. Readers will gain insight into the MulteFire 1.0 operating frequency bands and channelization, as well as the technical rules for unlicensed devices operating in the 5 GHz band established by FCC, ISED and RED. For any company interested in MulteFire certification, this white paper covers applicable test methods for MulteFire 1.0 devices for the different schemes of certification.

The MulteFire 1.0 Regulatory Analysis white paper demonstrates the MFA’s support for member product certification and launches. MFA aims to aid the certification process by providing the necessary educational documents for product testing and regional regulations. I’d like to thank MFA member company DEKRA for developing the white paper in support of our certification program.

Access to the regulatory white paper is one of many MFA membership benefits. If you are interested in learning  more about membership, I encourage you to request a membership package.

Current MFA members can download the white paper on the MFA site here.