Ensure only authorized devices connect to your private network

By Scott Fischel, Certification Working Group Chair

The new MFA Private Network Identifier Program

Private networks have been gaining ground as enterprises and industry verticals recognize the benefits of owning, controlling, and innovating with their own network. For manufacturing, supply chain and logistics, maritime, oil and gas, mining and other vertical industries, the benefits include the following:

  • Increased coverage – that can extend across an entire facility or industrial site;
  • Increased security – by safeguarding the data that runs over the network while maintaining network control on premise;
  • Increased productivity – through more automation and remote control;
  • Reduced downtime and optimized maintenance costs – by tracking machine health;
  • Increased mobility – enabled by seamless handover between small cells; and
  • Improved worker safety and well-being.

For these private networks that are enabling business-critical communications, it is essential that only authorized devices connect to the network.

This is where the MFA comes in.

Earlier this year, the ITU awarded MFA with a unique global PLMN ID. As part of our mission to champion the global adoption of private networks based on 3GPP technologies, we are now making these network identifiers available to any industry vertical, network equipment suppliers, and operators through our new Network Identifier program.

This program offers a Private Network ID package and a Neutral Host Network package. Each package includes all of the network identifiers required to create distinct private networks or neutral host networks that can be deployed anywhere in the world. For large deployments, companies have the option to purchase additional identifiers.

Package subscription fees will need to be renewed every two years.

For our member companies, we are pleased to offer complimentary packages based on membership level. Learn about our additional membership benefits here.

Join as a Private Network Subscriber

To help enable industry verticals to get started, we’ve also created a new Private Network Subscriber category that offers non-members access to one free Private Network ID Package. For a one-time fee of $250, our subscribers can leverage a complete package without having to pay a biennial renewal fee.

Got questions about how to get your own Private Network ID or to join MFA? Check out our FAQ or contact our Program Administrator.