Working Groups

Tamer Kadous

MulteFire Alliance Radio Working Group Chair
Project Engineer for LTE-U and MulteFire Technologies, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Tamer Kadous is the current Chair of the MulteFire Alliance Radio Working Group and Project Engineer for LTE-U and MulteFire Technologies with Qualcomm Research. Throughout his career, Tamer has been working on wireless communication systems design and implementation spanning areas of physical, MAC, upper layers, and RF Systems. He has held the role of Design Architect, Systems Lead and Project Lead for a variety of projects focusing on wireless innovations in WAN and connectivity areas including UMB (ultra-mobile broadband), WLAN, EV-DO, LTE, LTE-U, and MulteFire. His primary focus has been on end-to-end delivery of technology from design principals to performance evaluation, prototyping, standardization, and both base-station and terminal chipsets commercializations. A particular area of expertise for Tamer has been centered around systems algorithms facilitating coexistence between multiple technologies whether on the same or across devices and these algorithms have been adopted into a number of commercial products. Tamer received his Ph.D. in wireless communications from the University of Wisconsin – Madison in 2001.