MulteFire Online Sign-Up (OSU) Server Certificate

In addition to the normal LTE authentication mechanisms, MulteFire base stations (hot spots) can grant access to users via an optional OSU system. This allows secure access to the MulteFire hotpot by providing a user-name and password. The MulteFire Alliance uses the same system as the Wi-Fi Alliance’s Hotspot system. Systems that offer an OSU must have a MulteFire OSU Server Certificate, signed by a MulteFire Trust Root Certificate. This ensures that MulteFire base stations are preventing fraudulent hotspots from being deployed by malicious actors. To do this, the MulteFire Alliance has deployed a Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) system that uses digital certificates to ensure that the owners of hotspots are who they say they are.

Any company can request a MulteFire Alliance OSU Server Certificate. The process is as follows:

  1. Designate an Authorized Security Representative (ASR) for your company.
  2. Agree to meet certain security standards and follow certain processes for your OSU service.
  3. Configure the MulteFire OSU Server Service certificate according to the Wi-Fi Alliance and MulteFire Alliance specifications.
  4. Request the certificate to be signed by MulteFire’s Certificate Authority.

MulteFire’s Certificate Authority will review the request, confirm everything is in order, and sign your certificate

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