About MulteFire Release 1.1 Specification

The MulteFire Release 1.1 specification brings new optimizations for IoT, support for additional spectrum bands and general enhancements to Release 1.0. MulteFire 1.1 represents an evolution of MulteFire 1.0 technology with the aim to further improve its performance and enhance its potential. Please complete the form here to access the 1.1 specification.

Specification Capabilities

  • Enhanced MulteFire 1.0 Broadband Services in the Global 5 GHz Unlicensed Band
    • Delivers more robust mobility, faster uplink data transmissions, improved downlink coverage, and adds SON capabilities
  • Added Additional Spectrum Bands
    • Including MulteFire 1.9 GHz (for the unlicensed part in 3GPP defined Band 39), also known as sXGP in Japan
  • Expanded IoT Services with Low Power Wide Area Support
    • 800/900 MHz with NB-IoT-U and 2.4 GHz with eMTC-U support