Uni5G™ technology blueprints

Simplify your path to
5G private network deployment

The Uni5G™ technology blueprints leverages 3GPP 5G standards to define profiling and classification requirements, enabling industry vertical to efficiently deploy their own optimized, reliable and secure 5G private network in locally licensed, shared, and unlicensed spectrum. The blueprints provide guidance to enterprises seeking to deploy their own 5G private network by sharing key features to implement from the 3GPP standards that are relevant to their specific deployment.

The initial set of Uni5G technology blueprints include three blueprint families focusing on coverage, reliability, connection density, and latency. The Alliance identified 10 feature categories from the 3GPP Release 15 specification that are then mapped to the key attributes that industry verticals require.

By combing through the hundreds of 3GPP features and identifying just the features needed for private network deployments by industry verticals, the Alliance is helping industry verticals deploy their own 5G private networks designed to meet their specific requirements.

Manufacturing, warehouses and logistics, ports, oil & gas and more can utilize Uni5G technology blueprints to simplify their path to private 5G network deployment and gain the benefits of increased automation and digitalization.

First Uni5G technology blueprints now available.

The first Uni5G technology blueprints are available for download here.

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