Private Networks: A Hot Topic at MWC’24

Private networks were at the forefront of Mobile World Congress Barcelona 2024 (MWC’24) – with a wide range of ecosystem players announcing newly-developed products and solutions, partnerships, and deployments, including Nokia and Intel, Ericsson, Toyota, Verizon, Dell, and many more. According to the annual GSMA Intelligence Operator Enterprise Survey, nearly 60% of operators launched or were testing private 5G in 2023.

The Alliance for private networks was pleased to return to MWC’24 to promote the overall benefits of private deployment and share how we are enabling industry verticals to efficiently establish their own optimized, reliable, and secure 5G private network in any available spectrum. During the event, Alliance representatives engaged in exciting conversations with industry leaders to discuss the applications and vertical use cases for private networks, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, and several others.

We were pleased to see the obvious growth of the ecosystem and the advancement of private networks based on 4G/LTE and 5G technologies driven by the increasing data, security, digitization, and mobility needs of enterprise and government.

During the Global 5G Alliances Summit @MWC Barcelona – powered by APAC 5G Industry Community, ecosystem players from various industry organizations and companies shared how enterprises are utilizing private networks to drive their digital transformation. Member company representative Alexander Kirchner, Nokia’s Director of Business Development, was on hand to share information explaining how and why the Alliance continues to support industry leaders – who may not be telecom experts – seeking to easily understand the private network deployment process.

The Alliance is championing global industry adoption of private networks by educating the ecosystem and providing publicly available tools that ease deployment, such as:

  • The Uni5G technology blueprints, which leverage 3GPP 5G standards to define profiling and classification requirements, enabling industry verticals to efficiently deploy their own optimized, reliable, and secure 5G private network in any available spectrum.
  • Our unique global PLMN-ID simplifies the path to private network deployment and accelerates the ecosystem.

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