Network Identifier Program

About the Network Identifier (ID) Program

With the Network Identifier (ID) Program, enterprises can securely deploy their own private network today with a PLMN ID or a neutral host network (NHN) with an NHN-ID. The Alliance has been awarded a unique global PLMN ID by ITU that it is making available to members, Private Network Subscribers, and non-members. Its Network Identifier Program includes the Private Network ID package and Neutral Host Network ID package.

Private Network ID Program

This program allows enterprises to easily purchase a private network ID package and utilize our unique global PLMN ID for their private networks.

The PLMN ID identifies a specific network and ensures that only authorized devices connect to that network. With access to a unique PLMN ID, industry verticals can deploy their own 5G private network in any available spectrum today. When 5G NR-U solutions become available, enterprises will be able to use it to deploy 5G private networks in unlicensed or shared spectrum.

Neutral Host Network ID Program

This program allows enterprises and venues to purchase a unique NHN ID to easily deploy a neutral host network. The NHN ID is used to identify a Neutral Host Network when needed, meaning your device is pre-approved by the NHN ID and can then attach and authenticate to the NHN network.

Participate in the Network ID Program

The Network ID Program is open to our membersPrivate Network Subscribers, and non-members.

Private Network Subscribers can pay a one-time fee of $250 and receive one free private network package. Non-members can purchase a private network (PLMN ID) or NHN ID package today for $400, followed by a recurrent two-year renewal fee.

Purchase a private network package or NHN ID and begin your path to private networks and neutral host networks today.

To participate in technology development and workgroups, attend our members meetings, and access our marketing resources, consider becoming a member.

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