MFA Certification Program

The MFA Certification Program ensures that devices have implemented the MulteFire specifications correctly and are able to interoperate with devices from other manufacturers, which helps reduce field interoperability failures.

The MFA Certification Program tests eNodeBs together with UEs for conformance to the MulteFire Release 1.0 specification and for eNodeB devices in the 1.9 GHz band in Japan. To certify a device, device makers must submit samples of their devices to an Authorized Test Lab (ATL) for assessment and provide technical information about their devices so that the ATL and the certification program can determine how to test the device, and what tests need to be run. Once testing and any issues resolved, the device will be certified by the MFA.

The Certification Program is open to MFA members and their devices that pass certification may use the “MulteFire Certified” logo and certification mark. This certification gives end users confidence that MulteFire devices bearing the certified logo have passed rigorous interoperability testing.