Frequently Asked Questions

What is Uni5G™?

Uni5G™ is a technology blueprint that leverages 3GPP 5G standards to define profiling and classification requirements, enabling industry verticals to efficiently deploy their own optimized, reliable and secure 5G private network in unlicensed spectrum, shared or locally licensed spectrum. Learn more by visiting the Uni5G Technology Blueprints page.

When will Uni5G become available?

The first Uni5G technology blueprint became available in Q4 2021. 

Does the Alliance have a unique PLMN ID?

Yes, the Alliance has been awarded a global Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) ID by the International Telecommunications Union (The MFA will make the PLMN ID available to industry verticals.

How does the PLMN ID benefit Alliance members?

With access to a unique global PLMN ID number, industry verticals are able to deploy their own 5G private network in locally licensed spectrum or unlicensed spectrum today. When 5G NR-U solutions become available, verticals will be able to use it to deploy 5G private networks in unlicensed or shared spectrum.

Alliance members and others under our authorization are able to bundle the PLMN ID with their network equipment, thus simplifying the deployment process for enterprises by eliminating the need for them to separately apply for a PLMN ID.

The Alliance produces specifications based on 3GPP technologies. What is the relationship between the Alliance and 3GPP?

3GPP has deemed the Alliance for Private Networks as a Market Representation Partner (MRP). As an MRP, the Alliance can offer market advice to 3GPP to bring a consensus view of market requirements for services, features and functionality. The Alliance is committed to the 3GPP scope for the 5G ecosystem.

What is the Purpose of the Alliance for Private Networks?

The Alliance for Private Networks is an international organization that is championing the global industry adoption of private networks in any available spectrum.

Who can become a member of the Alliance

Mobile operators and non-mobile operators, technology and infrastructure providers, OEMs, retail/service companies, test companies, new entrants like ISPs (Internet Service Providers), fixed network operators, cable companies, IT providers from SMB, large corporations’ verticals like Healthcare, IoT, Public Venues can all become a member of the Alliance with a given selection criteria.

How to become a member of the Alliance for Private Networks?

Apply to or visit our “Become a Member” webpage.