Board of Directors

Stephan Litjens

Board Chair

Stephan Litjens serves as MFA Board Chair and is Head of Enterprise Solutions for Nokia Cloud & Network Services (CNS).

Gösta Lemne

Board Member

Gösta Lemne is the Director of Business Development with Ericsson.

Said Tatesh

Board Member

Said Tatesh is a Senior Director of Strategy & Standards, Huawei EU.

Geng Wu

Board Member

Dr. Geng Wu is an Intel Fellow and Chief Technologist for wireless standards in the Platform Engineering Group at Intel Corporation.

Doug Castor

Board Member

Doug Castor is Senior Director of Research and Innovation at InterDigital.

Ed Tiedemann

Board Member

Dr. Edward G. Tiedemann, Jr. is a Qualcomm Fellow and a Senior Vice President of Engineering of Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Executive Committee

Mazen Chmaytelli


Mazen Chmaytelli serves as President of MFA and is Senior Director of Business Development for Qualcomm Technologies, Inc.

Outi Niemi


Outi Niemi serves as Secretary for MFA and Director Operations Management, Digital Automation, Nokia.

Tatiana Stolyarenkova


Tatiana Stolyarenkova serves as MFA Treasurer and is the Senior Business Controller at Nokia.

Working Groups

Asimakis Kokkos

Technical Specification Group Chair

Asimakis Kokkos serves as MFA Technical Specification Group Chair and is Head of Industry Environment Strategy at Nokia.

Aleksandar D. Damnjanovic

Radio Working Group Chair

Aleksandar is the MFA Radio Working Group Chair and is Principal Engineer and Manager at Qualcomm.

György Wolfner

End-to-End Architecture Working Group Chair

György Wolfner currently serves as End-to-End Architecture Working Group Chair for MFA and is the Senior System Specification Engineer at Nokia.

Scott Fischel

Certification Working Group Chair

Scott Fischel is the Certification Working Group Chair and is Director of Technical Standards at Qualcomm.

Patrik Lundqvist

Marketing Working Group Chair

Patrik Lundqvist serves as the Marketing Working Group Chair for MFA and serves as Director, Technical Marketing at Qualcomm.

Heather Ross-Sirola

Marketing Working Group Vice Chair

Heather Ross-Sirola is the Marketing Working Group Vice Chair for MFA and is the Senior Manager for Marketing and Communications at Nokia Digital Automation.