Network Identifier Program

Below are frequently asked questions regarding the Network Identifier Program.
I am not a member of the Alliance for Private Networks. Can I still participate in the Network ID Program?

Yes, non-members may participate in the program and purchase a private network package or NHN ID package for $400 and a recurring two-year renewal fee. Please view the “About the Network Identifier (ID) Program page to learn more.

Why should I purchase a Private Network Package?

The Alliance for Private Networks has been awarded a unique global PLMN ID by ITU that it is making available to any industry vertical deploying a private network. Purchasing a PLMN ID with our Private Network Package will simplify your path to private networks and ensures that only authorized devices connect to those networks. Both our members and others under the Alliance’s authorization can bundle the PLMN ID with their network equipment, which eliminates the need for enterprises to apply for a PLMN ID and thereby simplifies the deployment process.

What identifiers are included in the private network package?

The private network package includes:

  • 1 MFA PN-ID
  • 1 MMEGI
  • 10 eNB IDs
  • 2 TACs
  • 1 IBN

These identifiers enable enterprises to deploy a private network with up to 10 eNBs and 10,000 IMSIs/SIMs. For a full look at the private network ID package, please see our table on the “Purchase an Identifier” page.
In addition to the above, enterprises have the option to purchase add-ons, which can also be found on our “Purchase an Identifier” page.

How much does it cost to participate in the Network Identifier Program?

Member companies and Private Network Subscribers can receive complementary Private Network ID packages. Non-members can purchase a Private Network ID package or an NHN-ID package for $400, followed by a renewal fee every two years. In addition to the bundled package, enterprises have the option to purchase add-on identifiers for additional fees as needed for their deployment. Please view the payment table here for more detailed information.

What if I want to deploy a Neutral Host Network (NHN)?

To deploy an NHN, the Alliance offers an NHN-ID. This can be purchased for a start-off fee of $400.