Working Groups

György Wolfner

End-to-End Working Group Chair

György Wolfner has been actively participated in MFA meetings since its establishment. He chairs that the End-to-End Architecture Working Group, which is responsible for creating the general architecture for MulteFire and protocol specifications of the core network.

György started his professional career at the research institute of the Hungarian Telecom in 1998. He joined Nokia in 1999. He worked as system specification engineer and later as a product architect for different products of Nokia. He started supporting standardization work when 3GPP Rel-5 specifications were created and has been a regular 3GPP SA2 delegate of Nokia since 2003. His main expert area is the interworking of 3GPP and non-3GPP systems. He participated in the creation of the 3GPP WLAN interworking solution in 3GPP Rel-6 and in the specification of the non-3GPP interworking architecture of LTE in 3GPP Rel-8. He has also contributed in various other IMS and packet core related areas.

György received his Master’s degree in Informatics from Budapest University of Technology and Economics (BUTE), Budapest Hungary in 1994. He carried out research and PhD studies in the field of traffic and congestion management of ATM networks, and telecommunication network planning. He received his PhD in Telecommunication from BUTE in 1999.