The Alliance for Private Networks launches Network Identifier Program for enterprises to deploy their own private network

News Highlights:

  • The Alliance makes its unique global PLMN ID available to enterprises for their own 5G private network
  • The Alliance announces new Private Network Subscriber category for enterprises to jumpstart deployment

FREMONT, CA – November 16, 2021The Alliance for Private Networks, an international organization championing the global industry adoption of private networks based upon 3GPP technologies, today announced its Network Identifier Program for enterprises. Enterprises now have access to the our unique global PLMN ID that they can use when deploying their own private network to ensure that only authorized devices connect to their network. The program reduces complexity and streamlines the network development process for enterprises by eliminating the need for them to separately apply for their own PLMN ID.

“Our mission is to make it as easy as possible for enterprises to quickly deploy their own private network and realize the benefits of greater control over their network, enhanced on-premise data security, and predictable performance,” said Mazen Chmaytelli, president, The Alliance for Private Networks. “The Alliance was awarded a unique global PLMN ID by the ITU, and we are creating this new program to ensure all industry verticals have ready access to a PLMN ID that will support their digitalization journey.”

Enterprises and industry verticals including maritime, manufacturing, warehouses, utilities, and venues can select a Private Network ID package or a Neutral Host Network (NHN) ID package that will provide them with all the items they need to deploy a neutral host or private network. For large deployments, enterprises will be able to add-on IDs to meet their requirements for coverage and capacity.

“With access to the global PLMN ID from the Alliance, network suppliers or operators will have the necessary identifiers to create unique and distinguishable private networks, streamlining the deployment process for their enterprise customers – anywhere in the world they are located,” said Asimakis Kokkos, Technical Specification Group Chair and Head of Technology Ecosystems, Nokia Enterprise Solutions.

New Private Network Subscriber category created to jumpstart deployment

The Alliance has also created a new Private Network Subscriber category that will grant enterprises one complimentary Private Network ID package that they can use immediately to deploy their own 5G private network in locally licensed spectrum or MulteFire®/4G private network in unlicensed spectrum today.

“For a one-time fee, Private Network Subscribers gain access to a Private Network ID package that is evergreen and does not need to be renewed,” added Chmaytelli. “Our members also will receive complimentary packages that will meet their deployment requirements. The Alliance wants to help seed as many private networks as possible, and we’re excited to bring this important program to the entire industry.”

To further enable private network deployments, the Alliance, a 3GPP Market Representation Partner (MRP), previously announced that it is also developing Uni5G™ technology blueprints. These blueprints will provide enterprises with practical guidance on implementing the key features from the 3GPP 5G standards that are relevant to their specific deployment. The first blueprints will be finalized in December 2021.

The Network Identifier program is administered by the Certificate Authority and is available today to the Alliance members and non-members. For companies interested in joining the program, visit


About The Alliance for Private Networks

The Alliance for Private Networks is an international organization that is championing the global industry adoption of private networks using  MulteFire specifications for LTE and Uni5G technology blueprints for 5G. With Uni5G or MulteFire, enterprises can efficiently deploy their own optimized, reliable and secure private network in unlicensed, shared or locally licensed spectrum. For more information, visit