Providing private network tools for enterprise

The Alliance for private networks is providing a new resource center for enterprises seeking information on how to simplify deployment of their own private network that meets 3GPP standards. These free tools include technology blueprints for 5G private network deployment, an interactive map displaying available spectrum options, state of private network tracker to give a pulse on industry adoption, our monthly newsletter, and the network identifier program. Continue reading for a closer look!

Uni5G – The Uni5G technology blueprints leverage 3GPP 5G standards to define profiling and classification requirements, enabling enterprises to deploy their own optimized, reliable, and secure 5G private network. The blueprints provide recommended key functionalities for coverage, reliability, connection density, and latency. Enterprises can then share the blueprints with equipment manufacturers to facilitate their automation goals in locally licensed, shared, and unlicensed spectrum. Download the blueprints here.

Interactive spectrum map – We developed an interactive spectrum map that allows enterprises to identify the available spectrum for their individual country and/or region. The map will be regularly updated and is hosted on the website for easy reference. Be sure to bookmark the page for the latest availability in your area.

State of private network tracker – In partnership with industry analyst firm Mobile Experts, our state of private network tracker sheds light on the number of deployments and the state of private networks across a variety of industry verticals and regions where they are gaining ground. The Alliance is committed to monitoring this information and sharing it with anyone interested in learning more about the private network opportunity. For more, download the Private Network Market Update report.

Insights – Private Networks Report newsletter – Our recently launched newsletter provides enterprises with regular updates on advancements in private network deployment, industrial use cases, and information to help you connect with the resources and tools – including white papers, case studies, and specification updates – the Alliance provides. Subscribe today at

Network Identifier Program – This program enables enterprises who deploy private networks anywhere in the world to get their own unique network identifier (PLMN-ID). The unique network identifier is critical to authenticate devices connected to a private cellular network, ensuring increased reliability and security.

Look for more from the Alliance in future blogs.