New partnership with 5G ACIA to encourage adoption of 5G private networks for manufacturing and process industries

Industry 4.0 is best served by private 5G networks – particularly for demanding applications within the manufacturing and process industries. Plug-and-play 5G connectivity makes it possible to efficiently support the wide range of wireless communication applications needed in smart manufacturing including real-time applications, preventive maintenance and remote operations. With private 5G networks, enterprises can enjoy optimized, reliable, and secure wireless connectivity with on-premises data management for increased flexibility and efficiency.

With this in mind, the Alliance is excited to share that we have established a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with 5G-ACIA, the global leading organization for driving and shaping Industrial 5G. Our joint efforts will help advance the adoption of 5G private networks in manufacturing and process industries, encouraging more companies to take advantage of the spectrum options available around the world.

Officially, the MoU establishes an open communication channel for exchanging information between the two organizations for the development of joint industry white papers, market research efforts, and collective event participation. More importantly, we are confident that this MoU will amplify the efforts of both organizations, our members, and the global ecosystem as well, to facilitate 5G private network deployments so that enterprises experience the benefits of a dedicated, optimized and secure network now.

The leadership of both organizations shared their thoughts regarding the impact of this MoU:

Mazen Chmaytelli, President

“The Alliance for Private Networks welcomes the opportunity to partner with 5G-ACIA to jointly advance the global 5G private network adoption in manufacturing and process industries. With this partnership we can combine resources in targeted efforts to accelerate 5G private network adoption for industrial applications.”

Dr. Andreas Mueller, 5G-ACIA Chair

“Private networks play a crucial role for the adoption of 5G in the industrial domain due to special performance, security and business requirements. Therefore, 5G-ACIA has played a pivotal role in the development of private mobile networks ever since. We are very excited to join forces with MFA in order to lay the foundation for a more widespread adoption of private networks in the manufacturing and process industries in future.”

Read the full press release and look for updates on joint activities of both organizations in the days ahead. In the meantime, be sure to follow MFA on Twitter and LinkedIn and 5G-ACIA on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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